Friday, January 20, 2017

OHS vs Tuscarora (VA) x 2

Sorry, I'm a little behind on postings. On Wednesday night the Bears hosted Tuscarora HS (VA). The gym was not a well attended game, but the game great. Both teams battled back and forth for most of the evening. During the first quarter it was a tight game, 17-15 in favor of the Bears. During the 2nd, the Bears outscored the Huskies 20-15. After halftime, both teams were very physical and played extremely hard. It was a really great game to watch. FINAL: OHS 87-THS (VA) 75

Tonight the Bears traveled to Tuscarora (VA) for a quick turnaround re-match. The game started off as it ended on Wednesday with both teams battling back and forth. The Huskies outscored the Bears during the 1st quarter 20-18 in a fast paced up and down quarter. The Bears played hard defense and held the Huskies to only 8 points in the 2nd quarter, while scoring 19 points to give the Bears a 37-28 halftime lead. The Bears scored 8 straight points to start the 3rd quarter and took a 19 point lead, however the Huskies quickly fought back into the game. Oakdale only held a 10 point going into the 4th quarter. The Bears executed very well in the 4th quarter and extended their lead to finish the game
OHS 78 - THS (VA) 57 as all Bears saw playing time.

The next game is scheduled for Tuesday Night against Catoctin High School @ CHS.